6 Marketing strategies for Preschool and Schools
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"Without education, you aren’t going anywhere"


For any nation to progress, the government of that country has to focus on two E’s – Economy and Education. In this post, I will talk about education and the strategies that preschool and higher schools can implement to reach their goals.


After spending a good amount of time in the education sector I have come up with some crazy ideas for preschool and schools (few are really crazy ones). If you are planning to start your own preschool or looking for a franchise you need to keep in mind the below points before starting your own venture.


  1. Pricing
  2. Quality of teaching
  3. Brand recognition
  4. Activity calendar
  5. Communication skills of teachers
  6. Location & transportation
  7. Facilities
  8. Hygiene standards
  9. School policies
  10. Support Staff


Note: These are the factors which I have learned by interacting with parents over the period of time.

In my previous role, I did a study with a sample size of 50 and these were the results.


From these results, it is evident that parents consider the quality of teaching, school brand, pricing and activities as the key parameters before selecting a preschool or high school.


Now that we know the key parameters while selecting a school so let’s learn about influencing factors that result in conversions i.e admissions.



As per my study, I witnessed that the most influencing factor while selecting a preschool and school are relatives. Most parents discuss their child’s performance with their relatives and friends which result in the selection of an XYZ school.


Now that we have learned the parameters and influencing factors that help parents to make their decision let’s discuss the strategy that you as the preschooler or high school can consider in your marketing plan. Before we get into the strategy we need to understand the difference between tactics and strategy. Tactics are the sum of ideas which are clubbed together to result in a long-term strategy/strategies.


5 tactics for preschool & school (short term)


  • Below the Line (BTL) activation: Your school can run BTL activities in the selected geography by way of events or activities. For example An event in a mall on a festive day. Remember your goal is to generate leads by brand awareness.

Pro Tip: Any event or activation implemented in a mall should be on a festive day or on a weekend.


  • Above the Line (ATL) activation: As ATL caters to masses, it will consume most of your marketing budget. If you are chain then you should try for Radio or newspaper ads but if you are startup then you should consider newspaper ads in a local newspaper, hoardings in areas of your TG.


Pro Tip: In your communication make sure you have a “call to action”. For example, Give us a missed call to be part of #FunLearning. This will help you measure your ROI.


  • Society Tie-Ups (Gated Community): This is one of the most successful ideas in marketing your school. Make a list of all the societies (aka gated communities) which you feel your TG resides. The next step is to get the permission (which is the hardest) from these societies (communities) to conduct an activity that will be beneficial for children and parents. Remember your objective is to generate leads and brand awareness.


Pro Tip: Plan an activity which will connect parents. For example, “Breast Cancer awareness” or “Seminar for Expecting Mothers” or “Best out of waste for kids”.


  • A mascot for school: If you haven’t got a mascot for your preschool or school, get it right away. Your mascot will be a crowd puller in places like gardens, societies (communities), parks, etc.


Pro Tip: Get a sky dancer Mascot and use it frequently in the evenings.


  • Flash promotion: This is the cheapest form of promotional activity that you can consider for your school. Promotional activities like newspaper inserts, pamphlet distribution, Do Not Disturb cards on doors with your school branding, Bookmarks, etc.


Pro Tip: If you are an established brand do not use this frequently as it will dilute your brand. On the flip side if you are a startup increase the frequency.


Now that we have covered tactics that can be used for reaching your short-term goals let’s look at strategies that can be part of your long-term goals.


 6 Strategies for a preschool & higher school


Don’t SELL, Educate Parents


 If you are thinking that you can sell to parents you are wrong. Gone are the days when the school used to be the dictator today the customer (parents) are dictators. Today’s parents are well informed and educated, so if you think you can sell the admission you will burn your hands. Parent’s need to be educated about education and its importance. As a school, you need to have a concern about the child’s education more than the parents only then parents will make the decision in your favor.

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